President and Founder

Sam’s fusion endeavor began when he set out to construct a fusion reactor at the age of 16. With the original intent to build the reactor for a science fair, Sam expanded his vision and founded Progressive Fusion Solutions (PFS) to develop the world’s first net-gain fusion generator. His drive to do so originates from his interest in science he developed from a young age, along with his motivation to make a captivating impact on society. Through PFS, Sam aims to replace fossil fuel power with fusion, thus ending climate change and saving the planet. His achievements with PFS so far have led him to receive the Startup Canada: 2019 Young Entrepreneur Award (BC). When Sam isn’t occupied with PFS and his engineering studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC), he enjoys skiing, skateboarding and playing guitar.


Treasurer and Secretary

Adam Keshavarzi is the Treasurer and Secretary at Progressive Fusion Solutions (PFS). He contributes to PFS through his experience in finance, and business management, which he honed by holding positions in family-owned companies. Adam has always wanted to make a positive, lasting impact on the world throughout his life. Through PFS, he aims to do so by solving the biggest challenge of our time: renewable, dependable energy. Currently, he is a second-year engineering student at Douglas College. Being raised in Iran, Malaysia, and now living in Canada, adaptability comes naturally to Adam.

Joel Rogers

Chief Scientist

Senior nuclear physicist with over 50 years of experimental and theoretical research experience devoted to the commercialization of magnetic cusp inertial electrostatic confinement fusion reactors for clean, safe and inexhaustible electricity. Dr. Rogers received a Bachelor of Physics from MIT (1965) and a PhD in Nuclear Physics from UCLA (1969). He was a research scientist at TRIUMF from 1973 to 2004. He has published over 100 articles in refereed journals such as Physical Review, Nuclear Physics, and Nuclear Instruments and Methods and presents regularly at the US-Japan Workshop on IEC Fusion. He is the holder of five U.S. patents, and the author of three patents on Polywell reactors.


Engineering and Business Assistant

Nicholas Andrianos is Progressive Fusion Solutions’ (PFS) Engineering and Business Assistant and studies integrated engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Nicholas studied at Esquimalt High School inspiring and instilling an interest in physical sciences and mathematics. Following graduation, he received UBC’s most prestigious scholarship, the Centennial Leader Entrance Award, covering his academic expenses. Nicholas’s academic goals are to complete a combined degree focused on software and mechanical engineering with a minor in physics. Looking forward, he aims to challenge and solve global problems such as climate change, water scarcity, and renewable energy by contributing to fusion research and development at PFS.


Project Management Advisor

Over forty-five of worldwide experience in the operation, design, and construction of major capital facilities including mining, refining, smelting, pulp mill, shipbuilding, and institutional projects, as well as several years as a principal, shareholder and executive of project management companies.


Business and Fundraising Advisor

Kristoffer is the CEO of Spare Labs, where his team and him are accelerating the shift towards efficient and autonomous mobility by enabling anyone to launch a smart transportation service in one click. His expertise is in running technology-driven teams and dreaming big! Current passions include the future of mobility, automation, space tech, energy, marine tech, and blockchain tech. An active investor in the cryptocurrency space.


External Affairs Advisor

Elizabeth (Liz) Hennessy is a successful CEO entrepreneur with proven expertise in project management, team building, fundraising, shareholder relations, IP protection, insurance, and litigation. She co-founded Goldtouch Technologies Inc., manufacturer of the first ergonomic keyboard and mouse in the world still on the market today. She is an author, mentor, and community builder committed to sharing her well-studied and well-tested methods for living and working with ease of mind, body, and spirit.


Vancouver, B.C.